March 12, 2019

Photo Essay: You're Not From Around Here

You're not from around here, are you?

You seem a little new to traveling on Route 66. A bit like a fish out of water, maybe. That's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, as you're driving along this wide highway, you'll learn your way around.

This photo visit to the gift shops and small-town museums along Route 66 will help with that. The locals, too, might be willing to share their tales of those foregone days when the Mother Road was like the Mighty Mississippi, a busy pathway for business and travel.

You'd be surprised how many stories—wild, fun, sad—there are just waiting to be heard along this iconic road.

photo by: David Kafer

A site in the ghost town of Goffs in southeastern California.

Zubin Hill is a Content Marketing Intern at the National Trust. She loves exploring how communities negotiate their built history and learning new languages.

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