April 25, 2016

The Courage to Confront Our Past: The Lincoln Ideas Forum 2016

Over 150 years after Abraham Lincoln’s final visit to the Soldiers’ Home, President Lincoln’s Cottage remains a home for brave ideas not only because of what the sixteenth president accomplished within the walls of the home, but also because of the conversations that happen every day between visitors and staff of the cottage.

On April 13, 2016—the 151st anniversary of Lincoln’s last ride to the cottage—President Lincoln’s Cottage hosted the second annual Lincoln Ideas Forum. The forum brought experts, scholars, and the public together to explore the intersection of Lincoln’s life and legacy with current issues, including: human trafficking, reconciliation after civil wars, economic opportunity, and facing the traumatic influence of slavery in contemporary society.

Read President Lincoln’s Cottage’s recap of the 2016 Lincoln Ideas Forum.

By: Curtis Harris

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