Tell the Full History

Tell the Full History

Join us in protecting and restoring places of significant African American history through the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.

It’s time to tell the full American story.

During Black History Month, and every month, we stand together to share and celebrate the contributions of all Americans. With your support, the National Trust for Historic Preservation will protect and restore places of significant African American history. The National Trust and its partners are raising $25 million to create and invest in the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund—the largest preservation campaign ever undertaken on behalf of African American history.

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You gift today will help us tell the full history for future generations.

Indeed, the stories and places of African American culture and heritage have always existed, but too often have not been fully acknowledged for the integral role they play in the fabric of American society. We are committed to crafting a narrative that expands our view of history and, ultimately, begins to reconstruct our national identity. Together, we can inspire a new generation and further our vision of a stronger, more united America, where all our stories are reflected in the places that surround us.

We will use the Action Fund to provide grants to African American historic sites and empower youth through Hands-On Preservation Experience (HOPE Crew). We will research preservation’s impact on contemporary urban issues that disproportionately affect communities of color, while advocating for underrepresented groups. And through it all, we will continue to work on the ground with communities and cities to protect significant historic places and elevate their stories through our National Treasures program.

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Tell the Full History